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I finished the knife today. I chose to make it a neck knife so the hadle and blade would stay in proportion. The blade is made from scrap I hade laying around. the handle from an old tool I had. When I hardened it, it shattered like glass. The handle and sheath are both made from heated and molded PVC pipe. Yes PVC pipe. I learned that little trip from backyardbowyer on youtube.


Comments welcome, and expected

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when heated to around 210f pvc becomes rubbery and when cooled is as strong as ever. i used sch40 1/2 white pvc and heated it with a propane plumbers torch. i shaped the guard section with a set of right angle needle nose pliars cooled it in water then cut away and filed smooth the flange left behind. i will be filling the void with epoxy tomarrow to ensure longevity.


to flatten the pvc for the sheath i heated it, put the knife in and flattened, until cool, clamped between two 2x4s.



now I gotta improve my polishing skills to get a better finish on the blades i make.

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