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Did some anvil shopping today

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So, my wife and I rode around today and hit a couple of local antique shops looking for anvils. We did pretty well as far as spotting, but no purchases were made.

Antique store #1: first found an old cast iron anvil of very poor quality an condition. It was probably 70lbs, and had no price on it. Didn't bother to ask... Then found a decent looking Wilkinsons of about 80lbs jut like mine. Had heavy wear on top plate, but definitely usable as is. Had great patina, couldn't read the weight stamps for the buildup. But, it had fresh grind marks along opposite sides of feet where it had been welded down. Worst of all it was welded to a new piece of 4" pipe, going down to a cross fabricated from 1" x 4" rectangular tube placed the weak way for feet. Tag said "antique anvil with custom stand, $450."

Antique store #2: found two Trenton's, a 163 pounder I rather want, and a smaller one around 80 lbs. I didn't bother polishing up the #'s and logos as the guy said they weren't name brand, and I didn't care to contradict him. The smaller was in great shape $300, the bigger had nicks on corners, but top was really quite good. His best price he'd give me on it was $500. He also said he had a 300lb one with an eagle on it at his house an a couple of others. Said he also was trying to buy a 1000lb one from a tractor store in Alabama.

Here's the bigger Trenton I want:

So, for going to 2 antique shops I'd say I did pretty well hunting! Oh, also saw 5 post vices and 3 blowers...

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Definitely a good day!


Prices are kinda high, but that's the breaks when dealing with "antique" stores.  


The 300# anvil with an eagle on it could be a Fisher Norris anvil, and that would a great anvil for your shop if you could get it at a decent price.  But, I'd certainly like to find out where this 1000lb anvil is at.  I'd drive to a tractor store to see it even if I couldn't buy it.

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Seems like every time you talk to an antique shop who buys and sells anvils they are working on acquiring some monster anvil. If only half the stories were true. Be patient and talk to everyone you know. I found an 80lb Hay Budden that our seat reupholsterer had just sitting behind his shed in the bushes. His daughter had horses about 10 years prior and he figured he could reshoe them but quickly figured out the farrier does earn his pay!

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