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Merry Christmas to me!

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So one of the neighbors decided to get into the Christmas spirit a little early this year. Turns out he had a grandfather who did some smithing on the farm and the old Hay Budden was sitting in the back of the shop collecting dirt and rust--till he decided to pass it along anyways. It's not proudly in my shop (even if the face is broken :-( ).

The stamp on the side says
Hay Budden
Brooklyn, NY

But no serial number on it. It weighs i would guess about 70 lbs. Anyone got any idea around when it was made? I'll try to post a pic later

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Serial number will be on the front foot not the side but they often are rusted past reading.

I did look there as I know HB stamped the serial there, but sadly if there was one it's really, really rusted over right now. Maybe I can clean it up with a wire wheel and resurrect it but I doubt it.
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