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Leg Vise Identifications

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I posted this on Anvilfire but it doesn't hurt to ask everyone!
OK, went out to Sunday Dinner up by Reelfoot Lake (catfish at the Lakeview!!!!)and on the way back, we pass a flea market. Naturally, we stop. Lying amid a pile of rusty farm tools is a complete 4" post vise. "How much for this rusty old vise" says me. "Fifteen dollars" says he. "Take Ten?" says me. "Gimme Twelve" says he. I take it home and check it out. All parts appear to be original except the turning handle and the bolt that goes through the moving leg. Threads and jaws are in good condition. The post and moving legs are chanfered so that they appear to have been twisted 45 degrees. Something is stamped into adjacent sides of the moving leg. It is just too pitted and I can't read either marking. Anyone have any ideas? I tried rubbing chalk into the marking but it failed to show anything legible.

Update: I went out and looked again and it appears that one side says "Pittsburgh". Still can't read the other side.

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I am letting it baste in WD40 for a while. I will brush away whatever comes loose and try to get some good photos. Other than the pitting, it is in pretty good shape, especially for $12. I'm ashamed of myself :oops: I wonder if Oil City Forge made leg vises? Weren't they in Pittsburgh?

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