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A bunch of new work, old work, and pictures


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Hello all,
I've been out of the forum loop for a bit, half busy with a new job, the other half my own bladesmithing. Recently I had a friend take pictures of my work (in exchange for a knife of course), and while she has yet to get around to some of my newer work, I thought you all would enjoy fancy photos of work from my past.

And here's some recent work that I took pictures of - I know the photos pale in comparison, but she'll get around to them soon.

Sword forged from 5160 spring steel, guard is two gears I found in the yard when I was blacksmithing at the Kew Bridge Steam Museum, teak handle, copper fittings.

Forged 440 C peeling knife.

Forged 440 C girls' utility knife - the one for the photographer friend. Purpleheart scales with brass fittings, mosaic pin, and fileworked spine.

The photographer's name is Heather Quercio http://heatherquercio.carbonmade.com/

I would love to hear comments, critiques and everything in between,
Theo Rock Nazz

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Nice work, the pictures are a tad ginormous though lol.. open a photobucket account, much easier picture control.

Mod note: we prefer pictures be posted here, we have more than a few threads we had to delete due to off-site photos going away or in one case being replaced by very 'off topic' photos, leaving the entire thread useless, therefore deleted.

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I'm diggin' that sub-hilt in picture #4.

The only thing I would offer is that on the next one you would round the edges of your guard and handle more.

No complaint; just a suggestion.

Other than that... great work!


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How is it that you are allowed to post pictures that are incredibly huge? In order to upload pictures of my work, I had to reduce them to the point where details were utterly obliterated. Twice I've tried to view your pictures, scrolling around the screen is really tedious. I was unable to click on the save button to view your images in a separate window. So, I can't really comment on the one picture I "Saw". It was viewed in bits and pieces.

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