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Newbie in N.E. Oregon


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Been a welder, fabricator and machinist my whole life. Currently paying the bills as a design engineer for a local manufacturing company. Kids are older now, I seem to have a bit more "me time", and I've located most of my old tools in the barn. Would love to get back into forging and knife making and hope to find someone in my area for guidance and advice.

Looks like you've got a real nice site here. I'm sure I'll learn a bunch.

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RG Where in N/E Or are you ??? there's a lot of us smiths in Or, they either belong to North Western Blacksmith group
Or My group the Jefferson Blacksmith of Northern Ca & Southern Or -- I am on the coast next to the Ca & Or line
so give us a local & we can steer you to someone close ? depending LOL :D also both groups have meeting often

SO Welcome aboard

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Welcome aboard R, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in your header you'll be pleasantly surprised to find out just how many smiths are in easy visiting range. LOTS!

The edit button is kind of hidden down to the left of the MultiQuote and Quote buttons on the bottom right of posted messages. Pass the cursor over it and it'll appear but only for a day or so after you post.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I'm from walla Walla. I know there's a couple smiths here in town. One is an excellent bladesmith. His knives sell for thousands of dollars and he has a waiting list of clients. Unfortunately I can't remember his name. He was in a local newspaper article about six months ago. Another guy is an abana member who had a display at Government Camp last year during the conference. His name is Czyhold. He didn't seem real friendly to me but YMMV. Hope this helps.

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