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Viking swords/Daggers


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the style is about the history and the form vs function. if you want to learn these things, i suggest research. if you want to learn a "general style" then learning any bladesmithing techniques will spur you into the realisation of how it is done.
i found this to be quite interesting, and may be informative. http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/23590865

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I've read a bit already, its just that I learn More from watching in person and being hands on, which is why I am looking for someone local who knows the style. Its harder to unlearn bad habits than it is to learn properly first.

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Not sure who is in the area, but by "style" do you mean technique used to make or do you mean proportion,length,thickness etc?
One you get from looking at many old blades (museums and private institutions) and the other from making mistakes.

Either way I would think you will have to travel to get the info you need.

Here are some I saw in the British Museum...with enough warning they are very good at bringing pieces out.
In the US I suggest museums on the East coast (the Met in NY, The Higgins in Mass.). The Oakeshott Institute in Minneapolis has one Viking sword and I think the museum there has a few.

I'd see if any of the Seattle museums have any...you never know.


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