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problem with hand forge rose

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the problem is i dont like it ! i flatend it out at the end bent it 90 and rolled it up , and i hate it ! lol. is there a better way to do it that looks better ? i dont like the bottom of the rose where it meets the stem , think it would look better with a cup to it..

heres mine...


what im looking for...


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like jk said, the flowers look much lighter and more rose like with the material thinned right out to the top edges - i like putting light texture on the edges too with a leafing hammer or cross pein hammer. also try to get some movement into the petals once they are thinner by rippling the edge with pliers or over parts of the anvil, so they are not so static. if you look at roses or pghotos youll see what i mean. if you use johns pattern or something even half resembling it - youll get a lovely rounded bottom on the flower - and using this method you can make lots of different flower styles too based on the same method. good luck!

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Before you roll it up bend the petals in a 90 which will give it much more life. I do little ones 1/4" rod and smaller on the anvil and 2/8" and up by letting the PerfSpot stick out of the vise jaws and bending with the hammer. The bigggest rod I usedwas 5/8" round that was a large pair of tongs which made a beverage holder similar to a rush lamp.

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