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Be careful forging in this heat!


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Colleen - Send that rain my way! I haven't had rain for more than 8 weeks! Everything is so dry that I dont want to fire the forge up, Heck, the ground might spontainously combust! That and last time I looked, it was 105 in my shop at 8:30pm! That is too dang hot for Wisconsin!

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Could have been both! The area in my shop where I use my gasser has two 10'x10' roll up doors on opposite walls along the prevailing wind directions, also open gables, also a 1'x30' gap in the roof along the peak.

We don't see much rain but do see a lot of heat I'm perfectly happy to let it out of the shop---along with CO!

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Well the reason I raised the question of carbon monoxide asphyxia is that after going into an AC environment and drinking fluids the symptoms didn’t subside.

If you are suffering from heat prostration or dehydration it will usually subside after getting into a cool place and hydrating within an hour or so.

Dehydration can be a serious condition. I was brought to the emergency room once with a condition called syncope dehydration which is as close to death as I ever want to be. An hour or so on an IV fixed the problem but who wants to go there.

After a day of forging in high heat and a few drinks with friends afterwards, I woke up the next morning feeling a bit strange. I could not focus but thought it would pass. I had my morning coffee and things just got worse. I eventually ended up in the hospital.

So if you think a few beers is a good thing on a hot day of forging think again. Your body uses water to metabolize alcohol and it dehydrates you in the process.

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I just re-read this thread after my first really hot work day of the season, and its a great reminder of how dangerous extreme heat can be.


I really pushed myself yesterday (working on a project with a tight deadline).  Did just over 6 hours in a shop where the temp was hovering around 45 degrees... I kept hydrated, and felt okay, but in retrospect I probably shouldn't have been working by myself in those conditions.  One doesn't realize how quickly heat stress can sneak up on you.


Take it easy this summer folks!

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Living in arizona working as a welder I've been around the bush of heat exaustion and dehydration sickness

Cure for heat exuastion - get in the shade, drink room tempature water, NO ICE! because it will make you sick and will not cool you down. Get somwhere you can slowly turn. the temperture down you don't want to jump in an ice box and put your body into shock.

As what has been said about beer rings true.

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