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The Blade of Busted Clouds, A Very Big Knife.


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Made from a lawnmower blade a friend gave me, this knife is just at the uppermost limit of size and weight that I can effectively wield one-handed. It weighs in at a nearly unheard of weight for a knife, 1 pound, 10.5 ounces! I added my Nordstroms card to give you a sense of scale.

~Total Knife Length: 1 ft. 1 in. Blade Length: 8 ½ inches. ~Blade Width: 2 ½ in. ~Handle width: 2 ¼ in., tapering to 1 ¼ in. ~Handle Length: 4 ¼ in. ~The spine of the blade measures ¼ in thick, and then it explodes into a 1 ¾ in wide handle.
It’s a Full Tang knife, meaning that the blade extends through the length of the handle and had six pins to keep it secure. I can chop down a tree with this thing and my arms would give out long before the blade would ever even wobble.
The handle is made from the slats on an oak bed. I bought epoxy from the Dollar Store and stuck a slab on each side of the blade. I sanded it down to a rough shape with a file from the Dollar Store, then sandpaper…from the Dollar Store.
The six pins were cut from plain, brown hangers. The kind I get from the drycleaners. Some have a plastic coating. I avoided those. I drilled holes, and added a drop of superglue from the Dollar Store to the hole before hammering them in.
I added a few coats of brown wood stain, letting it dry overnight before each new coat Then I sealed it with two coats of triple-thick Krylon glaze. I wanted a worn, aged look to the handle. It worked!

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