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In 1914 my Great Grandfather Matthew had a blacksmith shop and wagon yard. As a kid remember seeing "funny looking pliers" among the tools my grandfather had. Apparently, he had kept all the blacksmithing tools of his father and did some blacksmithing himself. Unfortunately, kids are not the brightest people and I never had the insight to inquire about those tools or blacksmithing. I just though my grandfather was a carpenter and made the best dog houses on the planet.

The past couple month I've been giving myself more "garage" projects as I spend way too much time in front of a computer. Working on anything mechanical seems to give me peace. While browsing Craigslist for old John Deere Garden tractor parts, I stumbled upon a coal fired forge.


The seller also gave me a spare blower and 2 pair of tongs.

Then last weekend I picked up a 100 lb Trenton for $217. It was a little over 1.5 hrs from home.



It appeared to have been painted as some point - perhaps used as a lawn or porch decoration. These pics were taken after a bit of wire brushing.

Some time this weekend I'll get pics of the few tools which I believe belonged to my grandfather. It would be fantastic to use tools which span 4 generations.

Anyway, I don't expect to immediately start making artwork or turning out swords. An expectation of minor injuries, burns, cursing and possible ER visits would probably be more accurate. Hopefully, I'll have the patience to just tinker, learn and grow.

BTW - I've already been impressed with the great amount of info at this site and I've barely scratched the surface.

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Gator, he is in Tulsa, at least that's what his "Location" says... ;)

Howydy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! Gimp, ya gotta hook up with the Saltfork Craftsmen and Artist Assoc.! There is a goup in your front yard that meet once a month in and around Tulsa. www.saltforkcraftsmen.org is the web site to check on meeting dates and locations. Fantastic bunch of folks and love having newbies come 'play in the fire' with them. They are most happy to help in anyway they can.

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Thomas Powers- I'm usually good about wearing safety glasses. Last night I saw that Dewalt actually has some Bifocal safety glasses that a cheap. Those are one the way to join with a couple pair of cheapos and one pair of Rx Bifocal Safety Glasses I wear at work (electronics Mfg).

Gator - Tulsa is correct.

Thomas Dean - Thanks for the saltfork tip. I'd stumbled across the name somewhere around here but had no idea they were that active.

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i think we've got quite a few people up around tulsa dont quote me on that.. but its an AWESOME group of individuals helpful as can be... check the site for the next meeting.. im sure a couple of em would offer to let you come by and check out their set up.. and maybe show you a thing or 2

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