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My new forge


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This is my new forge. I cut an air compressor tank in half welded in a large pipe adobes and drill my friend did the welding and made the stand but the design is mine I put both forges on the same air supply and it runs quite well.please criticism is welcome



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I'm interested in hearing and seeing more about your build.
I'm just starting to build my first forge. I'm starting with a small drum livestock feeder which looks a lot like the cut-tank and stand you have there.

I started a thread about it at:

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Well I started with a brake drum forge and found that I couldn't heat larger stock for annealing or heat treating so I adopted an idea from tim lively with a trough type forge but still wanted to be able to conserve fuel so the other half of the tank is a sloped circle that doesn't eat charcoal quite so fast

after splitting the tank I cut a disk out the size of the pipe I used for my tuyere and welded the disk to the end of the pipe as a cap then mounts the pipe my friend built the stand and welded everything for me then came the adobe and after that set up I drilled the tuyere jets as shown above

all and all I'm pretty satisfied with the result

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This set up works great for me, that is the great thing about t this craft, you can taylor things to your needs my goals as a blade smith cause me to need the trough for heat treating but everything else is done in the smaller side having them both on the same air supply allows me to choose witch forge I need at the time without dragging out a different set up it's also east to switch from one to the other after looking at your thread I think this set up would be great for you and your son as well

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However with a27 x 17" feed trough it will be hard to get both in the same set up so maybe think about 2 separate forges. Another thing is design something that meets your needs as a budding smith be safe and let those wiser than you teach and help you and they will do so

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Thanks for the info. I really appreciate it.

I was thinking about it being hard to fit both forges in the same setup.
ThomasPowers suggested the long trough with a "ram rod" in the far end of the tywere pipe to shut off holes when needing a smaller fire.

Right now I'm leaning that direction. Your input has certainly helped me in figuring this out.

Thanks again.

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