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This is my new anvil that I jsut bought this morning. Just typed anvil on Kijiji and found this one for 75$. Couldn't pass this ad. Called the guy and 30 minutes later it was in my shop.
Now the edges have been abused but it is still usable... for that price. (Here anvils are very expensive and really rare too) The base is forged and have a tools teel top. When I lightly tap the face with a ball pein hammer, the sound is good all over it. I don't think that it is separated from the body. There is only chips on the edges. It weights 118lbs (1-0-6) and has the name Stourbridge stamped on one side.
I'm fairly happy with this anvil because the waist is very thick, almost like my 234 anvil just under in the pictures.

Now here's my question: what would you do guys to this anvil? Weld the edges, resurface the top or leave it like this? I'm not a very experimented welder and I don't know how much it would cost for me to do it by a professional welder. The top plate seems relatively thin so resurfacing wouldn't be a good idea I think. Otherwise, if welding is not a good plan, then it is still usable. Theres a 3-4 inches edge near the horn that is very nice. Thanks.











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I'd just use it as it is and at some later date do a total hard face replacement not just a patch up job on the edges. I wish I could remember the name of the fellow in Texas that has a method of doing the whole face replacement but it sounded like the best way I have heard of so far other than forge welding on a new face. Check out some of the older posts on putting on a new face, not just welding on some layers of hard face rod but a whole new plate. I'm not really a big fan of taking a welder to an anvil on a whim to make the edges pretty and sharp for appearances only.

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Rob Gunter is the guy that has a well formed description on the repairs of anvils...if you want to do it right. Be ready for some rather hard work if you do the process...yourself and with friends.
Warning ! Warning! WARNING! IF YOU ARE NOT AN ACCOMPLISHED WELDER DO NOT ATTEMPT THE PROCESS....Hire it done. Do not yield to any other process either except maybe changing to BBG and DDG welding medium.

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Yea, after reflection, and a little use, I will use it as it is. I forged a bit on it and it stood well under the blows. Once bolted to the stand it is really quiet. If one day I plan to sell it, maybe I'll dress the edges but not for now.
Another question by the way. I know nothing on Stourbridge anvil, anyone has a clue on the date of this one?

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