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saw blades


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i have been given a bunch of Ind. saw blades 24" dia. 5/32" thick. used to trim alum. parts. hay make good knifes that hold a edge. any one know what kind of steel they might be made of? this pic is to big trying another one.


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For blades made to have teeth added on later they do not usually spend the money for a really nice steel for the disc of the blade. For blades that are made to cut wood and the teeth are machined into the disc the steel is really likely to make a good knife. I have used a lot of band saw blades for knives, they came from wood saw mills and no added teeth. I have always heard they were either L-6 or 15N 20. in any case they worked fine. I hav e also bought the two steels new and they seem to work and act just like the band saw blades. There are some shop tests you can do to see about how well they will do in a blade.:spark testing is one. but it takes a long time to really rely on. .And you must have a sample piece of material to compare it to. you can also do shop tests to see how well it works as a blade, Check the testing of blades as recomended by the Ameerican Blade Society. If you do any of this. Keep accurate notes so you can repeat each of the succesfull methods.

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