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  1. lab

    Banding strap

    thanks for all the info. i have one ready to weld up .banding strap and L6. will post pic. if i ever get it done.
  2. lab

    Banding strap

    i have used it in damascus it seems to work good. just like know what it is.
  3. lab

    Banding strap

    can ya'll please tell me what steel banding strap is. Thanks
  4. nothing wrong with rail road spike knives
  5. i use ind. saw blades 24'' dia. 5/32' thick. i was told it was L6 don't know for sure but it is tuff and takes agood edge
  6. thanks for the advice, i'll keep it in mind on the next one.
  7. 9 3/4'' OA , 5 1/14''blade, deer antler handle. 44 layers L6 & band saw blade twisted 1 time. Alum. guard. Want do more twists next time .
  8. thas is one to be proud of
  9. lab

    2 new ones

    thanks glad ya like them.
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