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Crusty build up on metal

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I have a few pieces of steel which have a warty build up on their surface. I chipped away a little bit on one, and it left the nice steel underneath. Does anyone have an idea as to a) what this build up is and b ) how to remove it best.


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No, these were pieces that I found laying on the ground by the side of the road or partially buried in some dirt. I'm thinking it might be a chemical reaction. I'll see if I can get pictures after the rain stops. These items were never placed in a forge (yet!).

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I started using electrolysis to remove rust and scale from metal. It also removes paint, oil, and grease. I had read about it but always thought it wasn’t worth the trouble when the angle grinder with a wire wheel was always so handy. Well I finally tried it and it was so simple that even I could do it. :) And no more rust dust to breathe either. It is so effective that I’m thinking of getting rid of my sandblast cabinet.

Here is a video link that explains it simply. This guy uses carbon anodes but iron or steel works just as well.


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Great videos! Thanks for that link. So tempted to check out the sun dried tomato gravy and pork jowl omelette but cant spend the 21 minutes.

Any ideas about a source for carbon hunks? Would old water filters work?

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