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first knife


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here is the first knife i forged and fully finished. the blade is made out of a railroad spike hardened and then tempered. for the handle i used a deer antler then raped some sinew around the hole for the blade and put some fletchers glue on it to harden it.

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G'day Riley,

Mate, if that's your first go at making a knife, then you've done a bloody good job! Not only have you forged a blade, but also made it into a fine looking utensil by incorporating the stag horn. The leather pouch looks pretty shmick also. Well done!

I'm no expert, but I've made a few (un-forged) knives, and I always start with "what do I want to use this blade for?" Skinner, stabber, slicer, hacker? and shape accordingly.

Keep up the good work Mate, you're off to a xxxx fine start...

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thank you all for the complements! i really do like the sinew wrap, i didn't know what to do there so i just did that and it turned out pretty good.

the hardening and tempering- all i did was just heat the blade up to dull red and dip it in motor oil. and the tempering i put it in a oven at 400 degrees f.

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