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Hi all,

My name is John and I'm just getting started in blacksmithing. I always knew at some point that I would setup a small shop and I'm at a point in my life where the time is now. I spent many years in the Hardware/Tool business and I've always had an interest in all types of tools, knives, gadgets, etc... Lately I've really gotten bit by the anvil bug. I already owned two and I just found out that one is a 165 lb Hay-Budden that I bought a few years ago for $60. I probably need help identifying the other one which is between 200-300 lbs.

Anyway, for now I'll just try to learn as much as I can from this fantastic forum.

Thanks for having me here.


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Welcome home John, welcome home.

Glad to see that you have a strong interest. Plenty of good info to be gleaned here. Post pictures when you can.

Mark <><

I sure will, thanks! I already posted a couple pictures of my anvil stands but I'm used to Photobucket so I still need to learn how to post pictures here. It might help if I actually took the time to read how to do it...
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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! Check out the CBA, it the ABANA group for California and they are probably the biggest and most active in the country! If you do post pics to Photobucket you can put a link here for us to follow to them. Posting pics here, although it can be done, can be frustrating at times. There are hours upon hours of info to read through here, just make sure someone knows where you're going so a seach party can be dispatched if needed! Glad you're here, enjoy your stay

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