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How long to get your member application approved with SOFA?

Ohio Rusty

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I mailed my application about ...6 weeks ago give or take..... I just want to be sure I get approved and joined up by the time September and Troy get here ..... I know I have a while to go yet, but thought I'd ask ........

Ohio Rusty ><>

There is no sound more lonely than a cold and quiet anvil ..............

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I lived for 15 years in OH and as I remember it you don't get notified you are officially a member, you just started receiving the newsletter as it came out on it's sometimes erratic schedule.

Doesn't get you much save for being able to attend classes that are members only or first for signing up. The big part of being a member is supporting a group that is GREAT and does GREAT things instead of "mooching". People who "give back" are generally much more welcomed over time in almost any group I have been a member of.

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