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A LG "moving" movie?

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Does anyone know of the location of a moving movie for the 25/50 LGs?
Surely would be nice.
I need to lay a 50#-er down for a long trip and sort of realized it's been so long since I had Sid rebuild it that I forget how he lay it down, picked it up, where he strapped it and moved attach points during the lift, etc.
I remember picking it up by the 'C', pulling the bottom out and laying it down. Then we re-attached the chains somewhere and then lifted it straight up. But I don't recall how we attached the chains on the horizontal lift.
Then we just back the truck underneath it and lay it in the truck bed.
Anyway, just kind of curious if anyone has this process on video. I have until August to figure it out.
Surely would make a nice "How to........." video on you tube. ;)

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When I moved a 50LG in a small trailer we stood it up and did a six point straping from the top and through the frame. When it came time to install it through a small door into a shed, I built a 4" thick laminated plywood cradle for the back of the frame and laid the hammer into it. The bottom was toward the rear of the trailer. Again, lots of straping during transport. At the site, I laid the tailgate on supports and winched the hammer through the door, then stood it up. It took time, but everything worked out as planned.

Just remember to attach slings and straps to the main frame, not the top shaft. I would build a cradle and lay the hammer into it. It prevented shifting and made strapping easy. I will check to see if the cradle still exists, and if it does I will get a picture of it.

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Here's how I brought my 50# LG up from Moose Pass on my car trailer. I didn't do anything fancy, set the foot on the trailer and Virgil drove forward to tip it. I laid a couple pieces of dunnage down as seen so it couldn't rock or roll. It's tied down with nylon cargo straps and was heavy enough the trailer rode smooth as gravy, MY gravy that is. <grin>

Getting it off the trailer and set up was a little harder but not much, I used come alongs and the shop frame to lift and set it.

Frosty The Lucky.





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I just came back from the BAM conference last Sunday and I have the 25 lb Little giant in the bed still, I will probably unlload it when I get home Thursday or Friday and will get some pics of how I sling it. I have it laying down now due to height reasons in my shop so I will post them maybe Thursday or Friday if I don't forget.
I use two straps and a chain to connect them to each other so it pics straight and I drive the truck under or out depending on which way I am going.

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