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I Forge Iron

New knife finished -Wolfhead RR spike-

Dennis Mayes

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I know some of you guys are sick to death of spike knives, and I apologize for that! I only wanted to show everyone this one and maybe get some pointers. I'm just about ready to try a better material knife, I just wanted more practice before I did. Well, here she is. Wolf Head was done with file,dremel, and chisels (while hot). It's rough but I am stumped as far as carving in the detail of the wolf's face.... suggestions welcome!!!

As always I bow to your superior skills!





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Nice workmanship Denny it looks good. I don't think a spike head has the right profile to cut a wolf's head from. I think you're going to have to forge it. Brian Brazeal has a photo tutorial about forging a dog's head here somewhere. Spike heads are natural stock for snake's heads though.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Recreate the shape and size of the spike head in modeling clay, use knives, punches or wotever it takes to make it look the way you wish. Youi can make those tools from wood..Remold it and start again anytime you wish. Thenmake tools frm tool steel to match wot worked in clay. Then heat and beat.

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