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150lb Emerson, any experience?

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Hey guys and gals, I'm looking at buying a 150 lb Emerson anvil. I've heard a bit about them being good anvils, but have nothing to judge that by. I've found one near me that a seller claims has a resurfaced face, is that a good or bad thing when the anvil is only 10 years old? Does resurfacing the face ruin the temper? Why would the face need to be resurfaced so early in the anvil's lifetime? The rest of the anvil looks to be in great shape from the pictures he posted. Lastly is $650 good for this sort of anvil? I just don't want to get burned on this sort of thing so thanks for taking the time to comment.

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Four dollars and thirty-three cents a pound does seem to be a lot for an anvil but times have changed since I was buying anvil for fifty cents a pound. If the "resurfacing" was done properly it doesn't hurt the anvil but boy if they did it wrong it can sure take a lot of years of use off of an anvils life. Every bit of face you grind off is a bit of face you could have worn off forging, some folk just ain't happy unless the face is near perfect without any marks on it. Get the Columbia even if it is marked up a bit, a pretty face ain't all there is to life.

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My experence with a brand new Emerson 150lb. anvil was not the best.
I have had it for over one year and have never used it.
The problem I have is with the face of the anvil and the attitude of people I bought it from.

Shipping expences are high for anvils. Make sure you are willing to pay that much for an anvil that you may want to ship back at your expence, plus pay to have it shipped back to you at your expense if they do not agree with your opinion!

If I ever was to buy a brand new anvil again, I would have the company send me a several photos of the exact one they were going to send me.
If you seen mine you would understand!
I would never buy an anvil that I could not inspect first!

Let the buyer beware!

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I just read my first post and want to clarify what I was trying to say with a little more clearness.
I think it is important to keep in mind that one or two people’s experiences do not always tell the full story accurately.
I was expressing my opinion about just one anvil, and not about the all Emerson anvils.

Just so the water is clear about my opinion about Emerson anvils, you would have to know that I had asked questions and opinions about Emerson Anvils first, before I bought my Emerson Anvil.
Every response I received was positive, and that they were happy with the Emerson anvils.
If that had not been the case, I would not have bought one.

My apprehension was that I had most likely had to high of an expectation of how a new anvil should have been finished.
But keep in mind; that was only one anvil.
I am sure other people would think nothing of what was important to me at the time and not question the issue.
I believe it has all to do with personal opinion about what is acceptable and what is not.

Bottom line: I have no doubt that an Emerson anvils are a good product.
But what I was trying to express in my post is the idea that no matter what company, person, or brand of anvil you buy, make sure you do your home work about the exact anvil you buy!

My best to you as you get a new anvil!

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Thank you guys. I think I understand a little better now what I'm getting into. Ted T, I agree anything I spend that much money on I want to see in person, try it out, and negotiate with the seller first hand-like buying a car. Here's a link to the Emerson in question: http://denver.craigslist.org/grd/2962027459.html I wonder if the owner of the Emerson got one that had a soft face, and that was why he had to have it resurfaced so early?

I'm still chasing the Colmbia, but not getting any response from the owner. Either way I'll keep my options open as I still need an anvil-this semi-flat rock I found isn't the greatest.

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It looks to be cast since the name is in raised letters so I'm thinking cast steel because no cast iron anvil except for a Fisher is worth that much money and when I get around to putting my 300# Fisher up for sale I going to start at $3/# and it ain't been resurfaced, it's original right down to the battleship gray paint.

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