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Mousehole anvil

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Gotta bug you all again about another anvil. I found an ad for a mousehole anvil and am just waiting for a reply from the seller.


It looks to be in great shape with the makers stamp easily readable. It definitely says Mouse Hole, and I would guess that it says Armitage before that. What is confusing me is that it doesn't appear to have either a pritchel or a hardie hole. Is this common? All the sources I have read say that if it doesn't have a pritchel but has a step, it was likely made between 1775 and 1795. But nothing I have read says anything about mouseholes without a hardie hole.

I asked the seller to see if he could find any more markings on it so I could determine the weight. They estimate 200lbs, but who knows how accurate that is, and I can't really judge the size based on the photos. I will let you know if I hear back from them with any good news.


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get a definitive wieght on it before buying some people are good at estimating these things others are terrible and there could be upwards of a 75lb swing
i have found that i can lift and move a 200lb anvil as easily as i can pick up a 100lb sack of grain so it can be ez to under estimate as well as over but the tendency is to over estimate

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Blowing up the image, I read 1+2+19, or 187 pounds. Looks to be in great condition, a very compact and solid anvil. If I was close,I would jump on it at that price.

You are right on the money. They got back to me last night and the weight is just that. Its funny because I stared at the photos for a long time trying to make out the numbers and couldn't see it until I knew what numbers I was supposed to be looking for.

I am going up on Saturday morning to take a closer look, and so long as there are no hidden cracks or the likes, it is coming home with me. I am not gonna lie, I am feeling like a little kid about to get that bike he has been dreaming about for a long time right now!!
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