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Champion No.1 Blower

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I was down at my father-in-law's this past weekend and he showed me a blower he picked up. It is a Champion No.1, and is currently set up to be run with an electric motor. The housing is about a 12" diameter.

He is looking for a little more information on the blower. I have tried out my "google-fu" to see what I can find, but there doesn't seem to be a wealth of information. Lots of info on the 40's and 400's, but not much on the No.1's.

What I did find was an advertisement from 1890 for a complete Champion No.1 forge. That ad said it had a 16" blower though, so I am not sure whether it would have been part of it, or a slightly smaller model. I am thinking though that this blower should be hand powered with pulleys and a treadle setup and not a motor. Is that correct?

If any of you have some more info on this blower or could point me towards a good resource it would be appreciated.

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Here are a couple ad's I found on the Vintage Machinery website showing a No.1 forge. The first one is from 1890, and doesn't indicate the diameter of the blower, but clearly labels it as a No.1. The 2nd ad is from 1892 and says that the No.1 forge comes with a 16" diameter blower.



At any rate, the blower my father-in-law has should definitely be worth restoring since it spins freely is still very solid. It is a pity though that it no longer has the lever and pulley system, and I imagine they would be tough to find seeing as that without a blower they aren't very useful.

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