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Torch bluing, will it last on hooks?

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I've always applied paste wax (Johnson's) on my interior stuff when it still has the grey scale color from forging which gives me a black finish. I recently found some candleholders I had made almost 10 yrs ago but never finished so they were coated in a thick rust. I have a sandblaster that I had inherited from my folks but hadn't used so I tried that for rust removal. I loved how it completely cleaned nooks and crannies in no time at all, but wasn't pleased with the dull grey I was left with. I put it to the wire wheel and shined it up then started heating with a torch. I liked the look as the colors started to run so I took the heat off and waxed it. I know that i can scratch or wire wheel the surface color off but will it hold up over time and/or on something like a hook that gets a lot of rubbing when things go off an on it?


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