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I Forge Iron

The new guy in Canada.

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Hello, new guy here. Just wanted to say hi to everyone, and please don't mind the name, it is just something I came up with on the spot and it sounded funny.

Currently I have no set up, but I am planing to build my own forge, useing alot of stones I have found around my house. For an anvil I am going to use some railroad rail, as I can't find any affordable anvils around my area, I have checked, and a hammer, tongs, safty equipment. Just need to find a way to build a forge with rocks...

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Decide if you want a bottom blast or a side blast forge. The side blast is easier to build.

Rather than building with rocks, which can explode when heated, you may want to use a steel car rim as a fire pot. Just use mud to fill the holes in the rim, and shape the inside to your liking.

This forge was built to try using wood as a fuel. It works and does get the metal hot, using a good bit of wood to do so. I would add a metal table around the outside of the forge.

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Welcome aboard, glad to have you. Rocks can be dangerous as Glenn says and it's really hard to move if you need to rearrange. Rearranging is pretty normal when you're getting started. If you do go with a stone forge be sure to bed the fire table and fire pot with several inches of rammed clay to help reduce shrapnel injuries.

An anvil is anything heavy enough to beat hot iron on, it doesn't have to look like a london pattern, have a horn, hardy or steel face. RR rail works well better if mounted on end but almost anything will work. The thing to remember is the anvil's effectiveness comes from depth of rebound rather than hardness. This means the deeper the iron/steel is beneath the hammer's impact zone the better the work moves. This is why standing rail on end works so well. You also don't need much more anvil face than the hammer face, just a bit so you don't have to be exact.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I have leaned awhile ago to look for rocks that don't explode when in a high amout of heat (Sweat lodge) so that is what I am useing around my forge. Yeah, I was thinking of useing the dirt I dug up from the hole to put around the rocks but I didn't think that would work out, so I removed it, the clay would be best.

I was thinking of what I could use for a fuel, I was thinking about getting some coal next time I head into town, but there is alot of forest around where I live, so wood would be the inexpensive fuel sorce. Maybe even charcoal, it's east to make right. Just burn some wood.

Well half my forge is in the ground, the other half is going to be built up with rocks and clay, so I think I am going to be making it a side blast forge.

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