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tiger blower


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We talked about this a short while ago. I have one, and the stand says TIGER. The blower and case, not the stand, are nearly a dead ringer for a Cannedy Otto. I'm not for sure what was going on in those early days. The C996 and gear case were either made by Cannedy Otto to be wholesaled, or they were a knockoff of a Cannedy Otto.

I have a Cannedy Otto that has the cast stand with circular base and in raised letters on the fan case, it has the company name and Chicago Illionis.

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I have one to, it say's Tiger on the stand, and the case has a bunch of numbers on it. It works Great, but it is leaking oil like CRAZY!!!!! It is leaking from the bottom, and from the "air hole". Do I need to rebuild it???

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Yeah, I made a post about this same blower I picked up a while ago.

I have both this blower as well as the Canedy Otto Royal Western Chief. I found this picture in a PDF file I found about the Canedy Otto Mfg.


Hopefully this will help, but like yours mine doesn't have the Canedy Otto name cast into the fan housings.

Here's a few pics of my blower



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