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Glass picket rail

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Thanks for your comments. This job has really tested my skills as a metal worker in many areas and I do appreciate the opportunity to stretch my comfort zone.

Nudge, my affliction includes a 93" Knucklehead Harley, 1100 Moto Guzzi, 250 KTM and my boys mini chopper we built together, as well I have too many parts to build just a one more? :wacko:

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Despite of my feelings on the design (and yours)you really pulled it off. I've done many projects where the design was not at all to my liking. First and foremost of these is this one. They told me when I respectfully suggested something with a bit more style they said it took them months to come up with this (go figgure)and were adament that no changes be implemented....sigh. In 1990 the cost of the silicon bronze in this rail was $15,000, today at least 3x that. I gladly accepted that job but it isn't in the portfolio..... :mellow:


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Nope now you'll have the reputation of the Glass Picket Rail go to person!

When I get a potential customer that won't allow any DFX changes in a design it's usually an indication that I should raise the price as they will probably be a pain to work with.

(DFX = Design for X: [Manufacturing, Installation, Maintenance, etc...])

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