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I Forge Iron

yes, another question from a new guy


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You will want a good ceramic fiber blanket and ITC 100.
The blanket isn't too expensive.
If you get the right stuff in the beginning, you won't be paying for it in wasted fuel later on.
Contact Jay Hayes and tell him what you are looking for.
Great guy to deal with and he will spend time on the phone answering questions.
He'll also send you prices via email.


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A lot of conferences will have someone selling Kaowool by the foot; cost around $10 for a typical gas forge single layer.

Note that trying to economize on your insulation is usually a bad idea as in---"I saved $20 on insulation and spent $100 more on propane for the forge---what a deal!"

Last time I relined one of my propane forges I found that it melted metal at the same gas pressure I was just forging it at prior to the reline.

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