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Microwave smelter?!

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this is a link to the google translate of the original page

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I was really surprised to find this thread here. I got into metal work through casting, and a couple of years ago I went down the microwave road.
It quite interesting, and I was getting some pretty good results. Unfortunately, everything is on the back burner right now as I am in the process of moving.
I do plan to pick it up again when things settle down, and this article looks to be very helpful for the next step, great find Arbalist!
If anyone has questions about my experiments feel free.
I did document things pretty well in some foundry threads listed below however, so you might want to read through them first.

here are the threads at Alloyavenue;


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I played with this a few years ago. Didn't follow the D. Reid tech properly but it still worked. I just used two crucibles, with a kaowool "gasket", and melted some aluminum.

On a similar note, I've recently been using a "microwave kiln" to melt/fuse glass. If you google that you'll find lots of info,fwiw.
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