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Flat Tip Horn

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Hi guys, I just bought a Columbian and the horn has a flat tip. The guy said it must have broke but it looks like an intentional modification to me. I remember reading in a post some time ago someone giving an explanation for why this was done but can't find it. If anyone has the answer I'd appreciate it. Also there is a P on the one side any idea what that indicates? I'll work on better pictures.

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My horn is mushroomed, and its not from dropping it on concrete! I did that, the concrete broke, the mushroomed horn looks exactly the same as before I dropped it. Someone had to have hammered it in very deliberately.

Problem is the mushroom is over 1 inch across, and I can't get a small hole on it to stretch it out so I want to fix it sometime. In my case I will heat it, and reshape it. I need more experience to do this though, so it can wait.


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What they said as to why. I suggest folks just forge a bic for the hardy hole if they need a small sharp horn for something. I sometimes convert structural steel wrenches into bickerns by forging the wrench end to fit the hardy hole and bending the flat section 90 deg. ($5 for a wrench last Friday at the local Flea Market)

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