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Beginning Blacksmith looking for an Anvil around Puyallup, WA

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Hey there,

I have been wanting to learn how to work metal for a long while now, and recently I decide to try and pursue that interest. I've been reading up on safety guidelines, the different types of tools, how to use those tools, the history of blacksmithing, and of course the typical working enviroment of a blacksmith.

It really sounds like something I want to know more about, and something I would really get into and enjoy doing. I haven't even started to gather supplies, but one thing seems rather intimidating to me and that is buying an anvil, or hopefully finding one to use until I can get my own...

I live in the Puyallup, WA area and I think I have heard or seen of some forges within 15 miles of here I can go check out, but it may seem rather rude to visit someone's shop and ask if I can use their anvil :)

Anyone have any tips, links, or price values for an anvil?
Or any tips or links for a newcomer like me about anything blacksmithing


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There is a whole section on IForgeIron devoted to just anvils, 1849 topics and 20,568 replies.
May I suggest What do you need to get started in blacksmithing which explains the basics.

Call the smiths in your area and explain you are trying to get started in blacksmithing and ask for their assistance. Ask if they know of any gatherings in the area, hammer ins, events, etc. Nice and polite and carry two notebooks for notes goes a long way in the blacksmithing community. Generally you will not have to ask to use an anvil, if you show enough interest, it could be offered.

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The Northwest Blacksmith Association is holding it's annual spring conference in Mount Vernon, WA. on April 22-25.

Spring Conference
WhenApr 27 – 29, 2012
WhereCowlitz County Expo and Conference Center, 1900 7th Avenue, Longview Washington USA (map)
DescriptionIt’s trial by fire as we try out Longview as a possible NWBA home base, for at least one conference a year. The theme of the conference is “Just Hit It”, and with the creation of a “first forging station” we will be encouraging all new members, and current members who have never forged, to get in the fire and hit some hot iron. Our demonstrators are Gordon Williams from Arizona, and our own Elijah Burnett. It’s going to be a great conference, don’t miss it! On site camping available.

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