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My first Leaf

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For starters! GREAT first try! I've never seen a first try that looked that good.

I'd make a few suggestions for subsequent trys.

For now, don't worry so much about the number of heats. Focus on getting a sharp, smooth and short taper on the tip. From the looks of your leaf, your taper was a little to thick on the end. Get it down really small!

Second, the guy in the video uses the cross pien hammer to texture the leaf instead of a chisel. This is a faster method that forms a more individualistic leaf. I use both the chisel and the pien, chisel first then the cross pien.

Third: I like to put a bit more profile in my leaves. I really pull the sides out and get a really wide leaf. This is personal preference! Many VERY GOOD blacksmiths prefer more slendor leaves.

Once again, great job! Especially for using 1/2-inch. I can forge a leaf and put the chisel and pien marks in, using one heat most of the time. I take a second heat to finish the stem and put the curves in the leaf. I use 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch most of the time.

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There are many diffferent shapes and sizes of leaves and many people making them, so many methods. And size matters, small bar will lose it's heat more quickly than large. I've made many leaves from 6mm round and some from 1/2 or 5/8 square. In all cases I don't necessarily try for one heat but do want to minimize the number.

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