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I Forge Iron

hi from Australia


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Welcome Damien!
Yup, June 24 is the date at Rozelle. There are quite a few 'smiths lurking all over Sydney, just no organisation...;) A great contact point is the TAFE at Ultimo, where apprentices, small business guys and hobbyists of every level go to classes.
see ya bout the traps,

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areyou in a re enactment group?
most swords now in production are stock removal, and it comes out as a very similar finish.
the sword comes a lot later than the learning of smithing. learn the basics first, then swords will come when you have mastered the basics......
a forged sword is a lot of work for someone with little equipment/ knowhow, and dangerous if forged or heat treated wrongly.
therefore very dangerous on a live steel battlefield.

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If I had a dollar for everyone that tell me that they want to make a sword I'd be a billionaire by now, even more so if the sword also needs to cut railway line in one blow, smash rocks to pieces, be able to shave with and be able to lever a truck up and be able to be bent back on its self so as the tip touches the handle without breaking, but I don't want to pay more that $2.00 for a piece of steel, can you teach me how to make one in a weekend.

I give up!


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'im surprized you didnt get more irate responses about the sword thing ' ...often I ignore it!
Last year a tool club member 'wanted to make a knife', did as i suggest, and brought along some spring. Problem was it was a whole pack of 3/8" thick leaves! I pointed out the huge amount of effort required (only hand forging available), and he was thinking of a machete.

Otherwise get a bit of flat bar (less than 4lbs) and put a handle on it... voila' a sword-shaped-object!!!

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Welcome to IFI. Stick yourself on Dale's Oz Roll Call thread.
And get over to Australian Blade Forums as well as British Blades if you haven't already. BB especially is a fantastic resource for budding blade smiths. (not that IFI isn't). See you at Moony's hopefully. :)

G'day Corin :)

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