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Treasure chest.


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For my next project I am interested in making a small pirate treasure chest. I would like to make all of the metal reinforcing bands, hinges and hasps without buying anything from the hardware store. Any ideas or patterns for the hinges or hasps would be greatly appreciated.

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I made this chest a while ago. The hasp were mostly fabricated since I did not know how to forge it. The hinges were bought and hidden underneath the straps at the back.

Other than that I can't help you very much, except that I felt like bragging.

Oh yes, and I'm trying to fill it with money. I've got the bottom covered in small coins after three years so any donations in coins will be appreciated.


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i once saw an old strong box used to transport money. it was reqtangular but looked like a pirate chest. it had a faux lock on the front. the real lock was hidden by an iron flap that turned away to reveal the real lock. the meckanism was simple. eight ( 2 per side) flat bar latches that slid into a lip with a round disk and swivils taht connected to each flat bar latch. and of course a key and latch. you could easily cancel out the lock and use a bar to turn it. and a slot punched for the bar to fit into.

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