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  1. i once saw an old strong box used to transport money. it was reqtangular but looked like a pirate chest. it had a faux lock on the front. the real lock was hidden by an iron flap that turned away to reveal the real lock. the meckanism was simple. eight ( 2 per side) flat bar latches that slid into a lip with a round disk and swivils taht connected to each flat bar latch. and of course a key and latch. you could easily cancel out the lock and use a bar to turn it. and a slot punched for the bar to fit into.
  2. could you use an oven to normalize O1 steel by setting the oven at a high temp, put the steel in, turn the oven off and let it cool down on its own? just a curious question since ive never worked with O1
  3. they have sprays that deter spiders, flea's, ect. makes sense there should be one for mice.
  4. sorry its http://www.youtube.com/user/tynytian#p/u/7/aff-SIZ9PbU
  5. i started making chainmail about a month and a half ago and i have to say that youtube helped me alot. there are lots o people willing to post how to videos and tyntian goes into the finner points such as tapering in and out. adding and subtracting rings. creating 45 degree angles. and more than just standard 4 in 1 if your more adventurous like me. good luck and lots of patience.
  6. sorry fellas. my digital camera is on the fritz. tries to take a pic and then tells me to replace my batteries even when they are fresh. so far the weight is 2 pounds at a glance. its a good tight weave. ill borrow my brothers camera when ive got more finished. right now its not full assembled. just sharing lol.
  7. i feel almost stupid, but satisfied and exuberent about my newest project. started a chainmail bible cover and have been useing rings 1/4 inch wide. its 9 6/16 tall and 7 inches wide per cover with a 2 inch spine. standard 4 in 1 weave. I'm going to make elfsheet as a border all the way around. funny part is that, as usual, i didnt think about the extent of the project as much as i should have. i have 2 inches to go and, if my math is right, the main body in 4 in 1 will be 7600 rings compacted in a small space. and about 3000 to 4000 in elfsheet. using leather for the inside to attach to the c
  8. thanks alot guys. sorry i havent been on to reply. been busy latly. i made a small hand crank tumbler for now. could find a working motor. its a little slow going and ugly as sin but it does the job. lets me know if i have any weak links too. already replaced a few lol. and thanks for the link mailmaker.
  9. well ive got some old electric motors that could replace the treadmill. i was thinking along the lines of a BBQ spit out of some old scrap metal(bed frames missing their other half) to make an X with a nut and bolt.maybe cross bars to keep the bar from popping off. pop holes in the top and bottom of a 3 or 5 gallon bucket, slip the poll through the bucket holes and onto the top of the X. connect the motor to the pole and turn her on. its portable for an open pit fire. great for camping or in my back yard. that or make a hand crank for now. would love to have a little horizonal shaft motor lol.
  10. now if i only had a tread mill.....
  11. lol i like the idea of a 5 gallon bucket in the back of my pickup truck...now i just have to clean out all the tires and junk out...well i dont have any spare money so the vibrator tumbler is out of the question, though i might have an old washing machine motor out in the garage that would work. or maybe the other electic motor (cant remember what i got it off of). or maybe make a spit of sorts. ive got some old bed frame rails ive been saving. if i make it right it could be used for a foticery bbq on an open fire. ive been keeping a weather eye out for electical wire, no luck so far. in t
  12. ive decided that its high time to start on family Christmas presents. I got laid of from work and have been useing old bailing wire to make braclets, chains chainmail and a chainmail bible cover for my Pa. the problem is that i want to paint a number of the rings to create a cross on the front. of course being on a budget and all i want to use either high grade spray paint(maybe) or go to my uncle and see if he has some old car paint lying around. anyways the problem is that most of the galvanization has worn off and most of what is left comes off when i coil the wires. in the galvanizations p
  13. lol ive used motorized equipment to to clear briars and brush but prefere machetes, been using them since i was a kid, besides its great for brushing up on my sword skills. and thanks, its not pretty but it really is great.
  14. i modified this from a corona machete back in 07 as a work horse for camping and cutting down briars, its about 28 in. overall. the handle and guard are from vine maple, i was tired of briars slipping down the blade and gouging my hands, so i improvised, its 1050 steel, and very thin. im afraid this is the only pic i have of it, its not very pretty, but ive been cleaning and filing it very slowly over the past week or so and its looking beatutiful again. hope u can enjoy it.
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