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big post anvil mounting options?

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Hey guys. Looks like I won a bid on a big 400ish lb drop of A-2, that I'm going to use as a post anvil for blade work. Massive overkill? Sure. However I wanted something simple, with a lot of mass that I can put a dead flat surface on for bevel work.

It's roughly 6x6x36", which will land it just a bit taller than I likely want it, so my question; what's the best way to mount it? Its going to live in a dirt floor section of my shop, so I was thinking about welding some 4x4" tubing to the bottom, and then try to pound the whole thing in, or I could pour concrete around it? My only concern about that route is moving it later, since I won't likely be here for too many more years.

Any obviously better options I'm missing?

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Find a piece of tubing with a ID of 6x6. Make all the necessary accommodations to plant the tubing into the ground / floor / etc and then slip the chunk of metal into the tubing. Instant stand with no alteration to the original. If your tubing is too large, use it anyway and fill the gap with sand.

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