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March 17th Meeting

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NEXT MEETING: March 17th 2007

Location: Yesteryear Forge
15421 Five Forks Rd.
Amelia VA. 23002

Time: 10am-3pm

DEMONSTRATOR: Bob Rowe and Carl Hirner from Colonial Williamsburg will be demonstrating how to forge a wrought iron tomahawk with steel insert! (below is from an email Bob sent)

"Carl and I run a behind the scenes blacksmith shop for Colonial Williamsburg. We are the ones who take care of repairing hardware to welding on pick up trucks. I worked in the Historic area blacksmith shop from 1979-1983 give or take a bit. Started a production blacksmith shop,doing blacksmith items for the historic area stores and gift shops, until 1994 .1994 I was moved to the maintenance blacksmith shop. I do a little work for my self ,but not full time. Carl and I look forward to the demo. It should be fun. With any luck at all we will pull off all our forge welds in making the tomahawk. If it is possible we could set up two forges and try some other items at the same time Two for the price of one."


From 360 east or west turn at goodman truck & tractor onto business 360 go to first road on your right and turn right , go to the stop sign and STOP then go straight thru the intersection and proceed approx 2 miles. Brick house on the right up on a hill ( look for a black anvil in the front yard )

Bring a chair and something for IRON IN THE HAT!!!


Please let me know if you are planning on attending.

Peyton Anderson
Blacksmith Guild of Viriginia - Home

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Well shoot, We will not be able to make it up for this meeting as my better half just reminded me that my nephew's B-Day party is tomorrow in NC. One of these day we will make it up, I swear, Ha ha .... Be sure to post some pictures for us though :)

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