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Think I'll start cutting stock for the post vise in the second pic when I get home. (Ya, that's what that is, lol) I think the idea came from anvilfire, not certain, I just changed it a bit to suit what I have on hand. Should weigh in at over 100#. Yall want pics of the vise build? Is that a stupid question?

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I had to take a few days off. It seemed that for awhile everything I touched in the forge turned to sCRAP. Been concentrating on shooting bags and powder horns for the last two weeks. Every once in a while you just need to take a break.

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SamT Stress
I am an old "has-been" who has reverted back to becoming a blacksmith wannbe. :wacko:
Age and associated health issues seem to do that to a person.

But I still go out and pretend a little on the forge. I say that for the following reason.
I found early on that when I was forging and working with steel (hot or cold) that
if I did not pay attention to what I was doing something unwanted would happen.

I found that the times that I have been burned, cut or dropped something was due directly on not focusing on what I was doing.

Once I learned that if my mind wondered it may cause me to get hurt in some way,
it changed my life in a positive way.
I made a decision that I would make a personal rule to forget everything else in my life
and just focus on what I was doing any time I was in the shop.
So I begin to practice just focusing on what I was doing in the shop at the time and nothing else.

That concept has been my personal secret on how to survive the craziness of this world for many years.
I for the most part walk out of the shop with a clear un-stressed mind, a body that is tired, a sweaty head and body that is usually covered with products of carbon and grit.

But none the less I accidently found a way to create a peaceful mind for myself.

So when I say “Go for it and make the time in your shop count” it is because I believe it is good for you in many ways!!

I wish you the very best.
Ted Throckmorton

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Thanks for the encouragement. I may even get two days off work this week, if so I hope to get the vise built inbetween working on my truck and whatever needs done around the house. If not I'll just have to do a little each night around midnight when I get home or in the morning before I leave. Still need to make some tongs too. :D made an attempt that came out butt-ugly.

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I am betting on you that you will figure a way out to do what you need and want to do.
The main thing is to keep pointed forward or moving forward toward your goals regardless of the speed.

It has taken me three years to build and furnish a small blacksmith shop that should have taken me just a few weeks to do when I was younger.

I figure one step forward at a time, and some time three steps backwards, but at least I am in motion.

So if you fall, fall forward. Then when you pick yourself up you will be closer to your goal!

My best to you!
Ted Throckmorton

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Got the steel cut for the vise! Took the better part of the day. 3 cuts through 2"x2" solid and 5 cuts through 1/2"x6" solid with my horrible fright bandsaw. The cuts all look like they were milled, and while I waited I got the outlets for the permanent shop lights wired up. Hope I get to keep the building...

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Ted, I agree with the way you do things. I do the same thing. When I am concentraiting on my gardening tasks, the is the world for that time. Now that I have tried to check into blacksmithing, the times actually working are focused and the rest of the world spins without me.

Not knowing what I am doing kinda hinders progress, but I enjoy all my sessions. Some of them are nothing more than sitting and figuring how i will approach a problem... just doing it in my mind first is therapeutic. Might not work when I get outside, but what the heck....

To me that is what a hobby is... You learn it and work it like it is your livelihood, but you realize your focus on something 'different' is a break.

I remember back when I was in college. I would go home at Christmas and during the summer an dwould bust xxx working as much as I could. It was the CHANGE that was the relief not sitting and resting. Now at 59 I find I can't last as long working, but I get a kick out of changing whatever labor I am doing at the time...

Well, enough philosophical BS. Others may laugh, but when they get older, I thinnk they will understand......

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Sam!!! Good on you! just keep on stepping!! Thank you for the update! :)

P James, what I have found over the years to be very interesting is that men and women who have had years of life experence
behind them , tend to bring to the table of Blacksmithing a wealth experence of "how to go about solving problems"

Blacksmithing is all about solving problems.
The more you learn about each individual forging skill and add it to your quiver of knowledge, problem solving gets a lot easyer.

We all come in on the backs of the blacksmiths and other craftsman who proceeded us, just as they did.
Wisdom says to find a good horse and ride it!
I am implying that it is important to find a reliable source to learn the craft of blacksmithing from.

Here at I Forge Iron we have some top of the line Blacksmiths and Knife makers plus many other people who are
higkly skilled in paralleling metal crafts that are willing to assist people who are on their quest for knowledge!
I wish you men the very best!
Ted Throckmorton

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