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Another anvil ID request...

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Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and hoping somebody would be able to identify this anvil I found last year in Kadina, South Australia - probably close to 150kg, fairly well worn, and no markings. It has a bit of a ring to it, but I'm not entirely sure what that's supposed to sound like. It's certainly not bell-like.

Any information would be great!




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Hard to say from those photos for me. It looks like it had a rough life, but you can surely fix it up. Does it have handling holes? They will be found on the front foot sometimes and under the heel or horn. It looks like a cast base to me and would not have those holes that are used in forging. Can you show pictures of the underside and under horn and heel? Is there a marking on the front foot?

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If you don't have an anvil at the price is cheap, I would grab it. You can grind the edge to get the mushroom off the side. I would not touch the face. I would not get it if I had an anvil already ..... unless it was real cheap :) . Starting to look like swage block !! Ha !!

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If you don't have an anvil at the price is cheap, I would grab it.

um you realize he is asking for a id and from the post it looks like its his and he did not state a price
anyways to me the horn is is good shape and while it is hard used it dose not look to have been abused
any chance of a shot of the other side and the under side of the anvil
all in all i hope you get some real enjoyment out of it
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