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2 bar twist WIP


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Hi everyone, never seem to post around here but am always coming back to get info so I thought I'd show what I'm up too.

This is my secound try at this style, my first one devolped a big weld flaw right between the core bars and I decided to scrap it... This ones still has it's "issues" and didnt turn out exactly how I wanted it to but thats ok cause it's only for me not a customer!

Outside Bars are 60 ish layers of 1075-1095, and on the last fold I decided to throw in 3 layers of saw blade(which I'm kicking myself for now, cause it throws off the pattern and just doesnt seem right)
inner bars are 1075,1084 and sawblade

all the different steel types was a way of cleaning out my cut offs, now I'm only going to use 1084 and real 15n20

post-7005-0-14620900-1326060445_thumb.jp here's the 4 bars all welded and drawn out and tacked together
post-7005-0-20124000-1326060537_thumb.jpthis is the welding of the bars making them all one
post-7005-0-90271600-1326060654_thumb.jpThis is a pic of welding the first sword, but it's the same thing...
post-7005-0-20124000-1326060537_thumb.jpNow everthings welded and drawn out into a 30" byt 1/4" bar ready for rough forging

For some reason I never took pic's of forging/beveling the blade but it no different then any other sword...

here's some picks of the finished blade, all polished and sharpened just waiting for me to make the hilt


Hope everyone enjoy's


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I just thought maybe I should put the stats too...

Overall 35"
blade 28 1/2
1 7/8 wide at gaurd
just under 1/4 at gaurd tapering to 1/8
wide fuller running entire lengh of the blade except 2 inchs from the tip

weights of the blades at 720 grams

still making the gaurd and pommel but should end up around a 4 inch balance point and be under 3 pounds

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I would advise against the machine welding down the bars prior to forge welding them closed, the bars need to shift a bit to prevent open sections ya cant close. also the mess of the weldment showing in the pattern of the finished blade.

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Steve I've got that comment alot, and I had thought the same about it... but I went into it know I'd be grinding alot to make the fuller, also after everything was stuck I ground most the weld flat and I used a 110 volt 70 amp cheapo welder knowing full well it has little penatration. About closing the welds my 20 ton press took care of that :D

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