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Modern spin on and old tempering technique????

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Hey all

I did a search, and didn't find any info on the site answering my question, so my apologies if this question has been answered in the past.

I've seen a traditional technique for tempering/drawing colors by placing the spine of a single-edged knife upon a large piece of iron heated in the forge. I have some longer blades forged from 5160 which need to be hardened and tempered, and can't think of any reason why I wouldn't be able to achieve the same results using the burner plate on my kitchen stove top.
I'm thinking that it might work better since the burner plate stays hot and doesn't need to be reheated in the forge like a piece of stock would. Another advantage (I think) would be that the burner plate method is faster, and would likely consume less energy than tempering in my oven.

What say all of you?

Thanks for any advice


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Hey Phil,,,,

My wife is rather sensitive about such things.
According to the research conducted by my male, cro-magnon brain, I have come up with a few basic guidelines that will likely benefit many of us.
As long as our activities do not:
Result in any kind of danger (actual or imagined by her) to the kids....
This is a highly sensitive matter because she can imagine many things involving the children that we never would anticipate.
Cause any detectable level of untidyness that we are not able to eradicate before she notices....
Us guys are usually content as long as there is nothing growing or festering on the floor....this is another tricky one.
Causes any detectable unpleasant smell.....
One again, this is a challenging feat to accomplish.....I suggest a couple sticks of cedar incense combine with liberral mistings of febreeze.

Hope this helps

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