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Heat treat information

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Ah; I was talking about amount of steel (cross sectional area). not diameter; sorry I should have made that clearer.  (I have to point out to students that 1/2 sq stock has 4 times the amount of steel as 1/4" sq stock---I have some short lengths that they can stack up and *see* the difference...)

 I was able to easily find commercial door springs of .625 which would exceed the tine's (3.14159) x .25 x .25 = .1963   vs (3.14159) x .3125 x .3125 = .306 I'm not going to dig into harder to find sources of larger stock as it's meaningless---- using what you already have is  definitely the way to go.  

Will you be differentially tempering them to get more  abrasion resistance on the contact face?

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TP, abrasion resistance is generally not an issue at the edge. Chasing tool edges are generally polished, eg finished on a 3M wheel, as a final step. Periodically touching up the edge on the grinder and polishing wheel is expected. I’m just having to do it too often so I want to get a better heat treat. Always trying to get better and there is so much room... 

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