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I have a gas forge,chili habanero dbl burner, what ceramic coating would be best, i have used itc 100, its a bit pricey, i have also heard about satanite for half the price and twice as much, this is for some repairs. Any help would be appreciated. Sean

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Often satanite is used as a ridgedizer for ceramic wool or to build up damaged areas of the forge. Then ITC 100 its used in a very thin coat over the top of the satanite.

ITC is better at reflecting heat back into the forge than the satanite, thats why its used as a thin top coating

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ITC 100 and Plistix are completly different products than Satinite.
Satinite is a castable refactory.
ITC 100 and Plistix are Infrared Reflective products.
You can paint the IR products over the blanket but you are not getting a tuff surface.
Anytime that a piece of metal touches the surface it will poke a hole in it. You will get the IR effect and will contain the ceramic (read glass)fibers.
I recomment 1 inch of ceramic blanket covered with a castable refractory then paint on a coat of IR.

Call me or e-mail me if you have other questions.

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With regards to the ITC-100, does anyone have any info. on how long it takes to set and or dry?  My buddy and I both have the Habanero Chili forges, and we are setting them up (I'm actually repairing mine) right now.  We've installed one of the side ceramic plates and were instructed to use the ITC in thin coatings at all seams as mortar and to reflect heat. So,...we are waiting to make sure the ITC is dry and solid before tipping the forges onto the other side to install the next ceramic plate. 


Any advice would be welcome.




Christopher Daniel

Blue Hell Studio



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