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food grade tin

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Food grade tin is generally considered pure tin ( 99%) lead free solder that would be close is a tin/silver alloy...but...Ace or other hardware used to carry bars of 100% tin. To tin the iron...use powdered sal amoniac which is also sold at Ace.

#1 put the sal ammoniac in a bag and or can or jar with plastic lid.
#2 The sal ammoniac will rust any steel tool in your tool box...even a little piece of it. there goes all your micrometers.
#3 The smoke from the sal amoniac when it is at the right temperature to work is kinda bluish white...IT IS NASTY...don't breath that .
#4 You may have to put the tin and the sal amoniac on at the same time and or wire brush the steel while you apply the tin and sal amoniac

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