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Medieval Blood-letting Lancet : What did they look like?


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Can anyone help me with a request for information?

I need to find out what a medieval barber/surgeon's blood-letting lancet looked like.

I imagine it would be a small thin, triangular, blade on the end of a fairly long handle. Am I on the right lines?

Does anyone have any references for pictures of such a knife?

Thanks in advance.


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The Heraldic fleam can be seen here http://karlwilcox.com/parker/?page_id=1586 they differ a bit from the more modern (18th and 19th century) versions. Your best bet to find a picture would be to find a period illumination or woodcut of surgeons tools. Unfortunately I will not be near my library till after the holiday.

If you haven't found a good example by Monday please job my memory.

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Now that Mr. Powers kindly provided the correct term for me to search for I found, including a dissertation by the Smithsonian.:

I hope you find this helpful.

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