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Joist hanger brackets


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I got free reign on design and manufacture of some joist brackets for an open beam house. They passed engineering, intentionally overbuilt as a focal point over the kitchen area. The designer and clients both really liked them, can't complain about that. I posted pictures on my mini-website:

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I do quite a few joist hanger brakets. I make them out of one piece of 1/4 plate. A friend has a computerized plasma cutter so I just phone him up and he cuts out the size I need. He has quite a few patterns for me now. I do the initial bends on the 10 ton flypress I have and do the last bend on the friction screw press. It is a lot easier than when I started. It all has to be done hot to get the nice bends. I will send along a couple pictures. Some of them are on the timbers in my front yard.






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