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Wood Siding for Shop


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I am in the process of building my shop and was orginally planning on using reclaimed lumber for the siding, but I am no longer able to find any near me. What are some other options people are using for wood siding. I am going for a rustic look. Thanks for the help

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Around here you can occasionally find someone on Craigslist that will let you tear down an old barn for the wood.

Is there anyone close to you with a saw mill? I like the rough-cut boards, but you'll have to let them air dry (season) for a while before you nail 'em up.

Pine or poplar would be good choices.

Also, depending on just how "rustic" you want to go, some of the saw mill folks might give you a real deal on some pieces from their slab pile. These are the outer cuts with a good bit of bark still on them. I've seen some interesting applications of "slab siding".

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Board on board, or baton on board, or board on baton are common and fairly traditional manners of siding with common planking. All you need is a whole lot of similar sized boards. Just arrange the boards vertically and fasten. Since you do not need a specific siding material you may have better luck finding used material at low cost. You can also mix-and-match from different sources.

Where are you? IFI is represented worldwide. Please put a general location in your profile.


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It's not as picturesque; but I have really liked having an all steel smithy, no "where'd that go?" fears and it was easy and fast to put up. Mine is made from hail damaged pro-panel which was free after we had a major hailstorm go through.

For used barnwood you might keep an eye out on the weather reports and track down the area that major storms have moved through messing up barns...

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I actually hammered flat a pile of old 5-V metal roofing for the walls of my current forge (i.e. shed).

You wouldn't necessarily need to flatten the ridges, but I was anticipating putting some wood siding on the outside later.

I ready to expand to a bigger shop now and am looking hard at going with block walls.

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