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Cala lilies

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Thanks for the comments, guys. Really means a lot coming from folks who understand the "munipulation of metal" ;)
The lilies are made from 3/4"rd bar and range from 10" to 12" tall and 1 3/4" to 2 1/2" dia. The 'spadix' (thinggy in the middle of lily :P ) is 1/4" rd and textured on a farrier's rasp using a wood mallet. The leaves are made from 1/16" steel sheet (sorry, don't know my guage sizes) with the stems of the leaves from 1/4" rd. The base is 1/2"plate. My dear wife let me use one of the leaves off her Cala Lily to use as a pattern.
This was the first thing I made with my newly purchased NC gas forge. Started out just heating up the 3/4" rd bar and playing, chunked the pieces on the floor (scrap area) and came back a week or so later and thought maybe I could salvage them into something....

Bob, as to the texture on the base....dunno how that happened other than something had stuck on the top die of my power hammer! The little "disc" shapes were the results. I saw it on one side and liked it and move around the plate doing the same thing. The center area was left at the original thickness and then dished to stand 1 1/2" tall. Wire buffed all before attaching to base, heat colored, polyurethane fininsh.

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