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Looking for feedback on a #50 LG

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So as Ive posted earlier, I'm looking to buy a #50 LG, and theres one on ebay, that's actually in Mass. where I live. Its had new gibs brazed on the neck and the flywheel has been repaired. I contacted him to get the name of the person who did the rebuild/repair but he didn't remember his name so I'm a little wary about this one, but there are very few of these in my area so It's worth getting some peoples opinions on whether this hammer is worth looking into or whether I'd be wasting my time. I'd appreciate any advise since my knowledge of LG's is minimal at best.



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Not enough info to say much. Sort of like: "I'm looking at a car; it's been repaired, should I get it?"

Are the repairs done well?

Does the price reflect the repairs?

Do any of the repairs impede other work to be done on the hammer?

Is it currently under power and working?

Is there any other repairs that need to be done before working the hammer?

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the owner has never had it running since he bought it because of back issues and I can't get in contact with the person who did the repairs. Apparently it could be set up to run by reinstalling the treadle and motor/belts. To be more specific I'm wondering how well the flywheels stand up to repairs, whether they're done well or not, as they must take some abuse over time. It seems Sid doesn't carry flywheels in stock so it might be difficult to replace. I'd also never heard of new gibs being brazed on to the casting, and whether or not there is a chance putting that much heat into the casting will potentially cause cracking. As far as I know it ran after the bearings, gibbs and flywheel were repaired, but he partially disassembled it for transport and there it sits. He's asking 3500 including a forge (which I don't need) which is more than ive seen some LGs in working order sell for.

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Ive seen real good photos of that hammer, and it appears that the bronze gibs were brazed in, and done well. It didnt look as much like a "repair" as it did an "improvement". If its close enough go look the hammer over in person and that should tell you a ton. Ive seen a 100 that had bronze gibs done like this but they were bolted on so that you could actually change them out easily if need be.

Why do you think the crank was repaired? It has been blasted and not re painted, but I didnt see any repairs.

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The repairs look solid. I know what happened on the fly wheel. They tried to remove the main shaft and cracked the small area between the pitman pin and the shaft, but it looks repaired well. I'm not sure why they brazed the extra material the frame though, but it looks like it was done well.

The only problem would be the main babbit bearings are going to need repoured. They are almost out of spacers. Other wise with a little care and attention this could be a good hammer.

Dave from Diller

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